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Friends of Battlefield House Museum & Park

The Friends of Battlefield House Museum society has its roots in the Women's Wentworth Historical Society which was formed in 1899.

In that year, the Ladies' Committee of the Wentworth Historical Society became a society of its own, due to differences of opinion about the location of a proposed monument, commemorating the Battle of Stoney Creek. As we now know, the men's society built a monument on Smith's Knoll and the ladies built the Monument in Battlefield Park.

The ladies restored and refurbished the House and opened the grounds around it as a park. They kept up the House until 1962 when the Niagara Parks Commission took over. The Women's Wentworth Historical Society disbanded in 1982.

That same year some people, interested in the history of Stoney Creek and the welfare of the House, formed a group calling themselves The Friends of Battlefield House Museum. The Friends meet several times a year for the purpose of involving the community in the Museum's programmes, assisting with volunteer service, and increasing awareness of our historic background among the citizens of the area.

Membership is open and the Membership Fees are: $10. for an individual, $8. for a Senior, $15 for a Family Membership and $12. for a Senior Family Membership.

For more information, please contact Battlefield House Museum at 905-662-8458.

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