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The Gage Family

The widow Mary Jones Gage settled in Stoney Creek with her two children, James Jr. and Elizabeth, who were 16 and 14 years of age at the time of their arrival here. They came to Upper Canada from New York State in 1790, after the American Revolutionary War. Her husband, James Gage Sr., lost his life during the American Revolutionary War defending Fort Clinton against the British.

James Gage

In 1796, her son James married Mary Davis. The Davis family had come to Canada from a plantation in North Carolina and later settled on Mud Street in a house which they called "Harmony Hall". James and Mary made their home at the Gage House with James' mother and eventually had ten children.

Mary Davis Gage

Also in 1796, daughter Elizabeth married Major John Westbrook. They made their home in Brant County. Their marriage was blessed with 16 children, two of whom died in early childhood. Their family tree is on display in Battlefield House Museum.

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