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The Re-enactment - Photo Gallery

Every year in June, Battlefield House Museum & Park is the site of the annual military re-enactment of the Battle of Stoney Creek. The whole family will re-live firsthand the thrill and pageantry of the battle that was the turning point of the War of 1812.

Visit the encampment to observe 19th century pioneers as they go about daily life. Enjoy historical demonstrations of sheep shearing, cooking and blacksmithing.

Photo Gallery

The sound of gunfire blasts out over the tranquil hillside as the historic Battle of Stoney Creek is remembered. Re-enactors play an active role in the Battle Re-enactment. On the first weekend of June every year, the Redcoats march onto the fields surrounding the old Gage Homestead.
The British troops are joined in their march to the battle by a group of Mohawks. The Battle Re-enactment is complete with the participation of the American Blue Coats and members of the Militia. Battlefield Park takes on the appearance of a War of 1812 encampment, as tents are erected in the former battle field.
Visitors can appreciate the challenges of life in 1813, from cooking on an open fire... .... to re-enactment family activities. You can see muskets and cannons ....
... or shop at the Merchants' tents for period attire and accessories. By day's end, the Battle of Stoney Creek and the Red Coat are much more than just history!

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